Free MFP Security Webinar on June 10

With the recent CBS story about compromised information from a major metropolitan police department and a New York insurance company, end users and I.T. staff are learning they must play an active role in ensuring the security of their office equipment. This involves understaning how document technology being placed in the office interacts with your network as well as developing procedures to ensure information is protected where appropriate. This webinar is inteded for office managers as well as I.T. support staff and will cover:

  • Office information that needs to be protected
  • Relevant legislation (HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley)
  • Multifunction systems and data interacation
  • Multifunction systems and essential design features
  • Multifunction systems and independent certification
  • Multifunction systems and good security practices for your office
  • Multifunction systems at end of useful life

To register for this free webinar, visit:

Note: The May 26th session filled up quickly and this June 10th session was just added. Don’t delay — register today.

Webinar speakers/hosts include Patti Spicer, Deputy Director at Computer Sciences Corporation’s Security Testing and Certification Laboratories; Larry Kovnat, Product Security, Xerox Office group; Marlon Miller, Xerox Public Sector Marketing.

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