NEW WorkCentre 7120 color multifunction

With the WorkCentre 7120, it all adds up to productivity.

Designed for the small office group that needs a simple to use, 11×17″ color machine, the 7120 delivers with 20 pages per minute in both B&W and color modes and standard features of copy, print and scan-to-email with automatic two-sided and collating. And during the month of June, the Scan Options Kit is FREE ($999 value) and includes scan-to-network, thumbnail preview, MRC scan compression for smaller file sizes and text searchable PDF.

Some of the options available on the 7120 include:

  • Data Security Kit with Encryption and Image Overwrite
  • Finishers for automatic stapling, hole punching and booklet making
  • Fax (traditional single or three-line with I-fax, Fax Over IP, fax server)
  • PostScript
  • Advanced scanning software packages

Secure Print, Delay Print, Print Around, Print from USB and Scan to USB are just some of the features that make the 7120 an integral part of an efficient office environment.

Call Deanna or Patsy toll-free at 1-877-871-8265 for more details. In Fargo-Moorhead call 701-478-1190.

The Hidden Language of Color

How well do you know the hidden language of color?

There is no questions that colors work on a subliminal level, stimulating emotions and touching us where reason and intellect cannot. They can excite, impress, entertain and persuade. They can also create instant negative associations. By knowing a little something about the language of color, you can often stack the odds in your favor.

Choose the answer you think is correct and check your answers at the end.

  1. What color is normally associated with optimism, yet can often unnerve readers when used too much?
    a)  light green     b) yellow     c) lavender
  2. Which color often stimulates the appetite?
    a) red     b) bright blue     c) orange
  3. What color is subliminally associated with truth?
    a) light blue     b) white     c) dark green
  4. What color conveys royalty and sophistication?
    a) gold     b) royal blue     c) purple
  5. Which color is associated with fun and cheerfulness?
    a) light blue     b) green     c) orange
  6. To create a high-tech image, it is effective to combine neutral grays with what types of accents?
    a) silver and gold     b) bright colors     c) deep reds
  7. Which color is most dramatic for backgrounds?
    a) black     b) purple     c) gray     d) purple
  8. Which of the following colors is NOT a good choice for natural or environmentally themed materials?
    a) green     b) brown     c) yellow     d) gray blues
  9. Which color most often implies authority, financial responsibility and security?
    a) dark green     b) blue     c) blacks and grays
  10. Which color would you use to imply health and tranquility?
    a) deep blue     b) yellow     c) green
  11. Earth tones with bright lime and purple accents are associated with what era?
    a) The Fifties     b) The Sixties     c) The Seventies
  12. What is the most universally popular color?
    a) red     b) blue     c) yellow     d) green

How did you do? Check your answers here.

  1. B – Yellow
  2. A – Red
  3. B – White
  4. C – Purple
  5. C – Orange
  6. B – Bright Colors
  7. A – Black
  8. C – Yellow
  9. B – Blue
  10. C – Green
  11. B – The Sixties
  12. B – Blue

If you need a color workhorse for your office that is fast, efficient, secure and provides great quality, check out the new Xerox WorkCentre 7700 series (7755, 7765 and 7775 models). With 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution, powerful scanning solutions and easy-to-use color management controls, it’s a tool your office needs to be productive day after day. Be sure to view the Multimedia Demo in the upper left menu bar. Then call us at 1-877-871-8265 or email for more detailed information and pricing.