Technology Changes Quickly! Do Your Research!!

When’s the last time you purchased a copier, printer or multifunction machine for your business? Often businesses replace these items every 3-5 years and during that time span, a myriad of changes have been made in the technology of this type of equipment. How does one keep up with all of these changes? By doing research. Here’s a great third-party resource that can help you figure out what’s important for your business and also make you aware of some things in the “fine print” to look for.

As a Xerox agency owner, I subscribe to this website and have permission to share its contents with my clients. Contact me to get a user name and password that will give you free access to all of this information. You can call me at 1-877-871-8265 or email me at

Here is what you’ll find at the How To Buy MFPs website (remember, it’s all third-party information…sort of like a “Consumer Reports” for the copier/MFP industry):

  • A Professional Buyer’s Checklist — strengthen your buying criteria in just minutes
  • 15-20 short video clips of questions to ask copier vendors
  • Questions you must ask to avoid hidden fees or unexpected surprises when purchasing or leasing office equipment
  • A Hidden Fee Calculator so you can compare one vendor’s proposal to another and get a better picture of what’s included (or not) in each proposal and what the TOTAL lifetime cost of a machine will be

Contact Deanna Sinclair at Multiple Technologies to get a user name and password to access all this information for FREE.