It’s Easy Being Green…with Xerox!

At Xerox, we have set a goal to REDUCE to ZERO the waste generated by Xerox products. We do it by designing with the environment in mind. An example of this is our Solid Ink products (ColorQube). We also do it by utilizing extended life components, and then by reusing components via remanufacturing. If components cannot be reused, our last alternative is to recycle the used components.

Read more on this subject — including information about the new Xerox Eco Box — at

And if you need to ship Xerox toner bottles, waste toner containers or drum cartridges back to Xerox, you can download prepaid shipping labels here: (

Over the last 20 years, our recycling programs at Xerox have kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills. Thank you for helping us continue our legacy of recycling.


Happy Earth Day!

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, take a moment to consider how your day-to-day actions impact the planet NOW and the impact they have on the future. Here are 7 Tips to a Greener Office:

Be a little greener, one step or one day at a time.