Innovate or Die!

Xerox continues its long tradition of innovation. Guess how many Xerox employees have been granted five or more patents? See this article for the answer: I foresee lots of cool, new, productive products from Xerox in the future!

Xerox Reports 4th Quarter 2010 Earnings

Xerox ended the year on a high note.

 Fourth-quarter GAAP earnings per share of 12 cents; adjusted EPS of 29 cents
 Total revenue up 42 percent as reported, up 3 percent constant currency pro forma
 Fourth-quarter operating cash flow of $1.3 billion; $2.7 billion for full year
 Operating margin of 10.4 percent, up one point pro forma
 Full-year 2010 GAAP earnings per share of 43 cents; adjusted EPS of 94 cents