We’re Gonna Win, Twins! We’re Gonna Score!

There are four weeks left in our Minnesota Twins tickets promotion. How can you get a chance to win reserved seat tickets for the June 28th Twins game against the Tigers? Well, there are three ways.

  1. New Xerox Equipment — buy or lease a new machine from us and you’re automatically entered into the contest.
  2. Referral — send us the contact name and some basic info about an area business, school, church or organization to get an entry. Our agency covers the Red River Valley, the lakes area around Fergus Falls/Detroit Lakes/Park Rapids, and northwestern Minnesota. Eighteen counties, to be exact.
  3. Testimonial — if you’re already one of our customers, send us a testimonial of why you love your Xerox equipment or how great your technician is or what’s improved in your office since you’ve had your Xerox machine, and you’re also entered. BONUS: send us a picture of you and/or your staff with your Xerox machine and you’ll get an extra entry into the contest.

Send your referrals, testimonials (and pictures) along with other inquiries to Deanna Sinclair at multitec@tekstar.com or call 1-877-871-8265 for more information.

And why a Minnesota Twins contest? Well, that’s easy…I’m the mother of Minnesota twins who are now 16 years old. When Multiple Technologies began back in 1998, they were almost 4 and the name came by me being the mother of multiples. Check out our logo. The two squares above the “i” are for the twins, who by the way are the eighth set of twins in my mom’s family. The eldest set, Gertie and Gladys, were born in 1916. Gladys passed away two years ago and my Grandma Gertie just turned 94 in February. And as Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the rest of the story.” –Deanna S.